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Imaging Software for Hamamatsu Cameras


HCImage is designed for a wide range of imaging applications, with full support for digital cameras, automated microscopes and microscope add-ons such as filter wheels and stages.

HCImage includes an extensive range of image processing tools and measurement tools that can be used during live image capture or post acquisition analysis. Images and data cab be saved in a hierarchical file structure, allowing display in a variety of graphical formats or export to Excel.

HCImage is an evolution of the former SimplePCI software.

HCImage Applications

  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Ratio Imaging
  • Multi-dimensional Time-lapse Imaging
  • Object Counting and Quantification
  • High Speed Image Streaming
  • Vesicle Fusion Event Monitoring
  • Protein-protein Interactions
  • Motion Tracking
  • Particles Size Analysis

HCImage levels

HCImage is available in several upgradeable levels. For a detailed list of features at each level, please see the HCImage brochure.

HCImage Live Provides the necessary tools for image acquisition, processing and analysis. Includes time-lapse streaming of images to disk or memory; real-time shading and background correction; thresholding to identify cells or other objects; area, length and intensity measurements. Included at no charge with most Hamamatsu cameras.
HCImage Acquisition Adds support for: motorised devices - XYZ Stage, Filter Wheel, Shutter, and Microscope components; scanning of multiple dimensions of X,Y,Z, wavelength & time; range of morphological measurements; intensity time course plotting (single object, post acquisition).
HCImage Analysis Adds: analysis during data collection; intensity & ratio plotting, both live and post acquisition; macro building for image processing and analysis.
HCImage Deconvolution An optional module (in Acquisition or Analysis) for 2-D Blind Deconvolution and 3-D Visualization on image sequences.
HCImage Review Basic offline analysis level.

For further details, please see Hamamatsu's HCImage web site, or the HCImage brochure.

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