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Imaging and Microscopy

Imaging equipment and software, with an emphasis on biological microscopy


One of our specialities is integrating imaging systems to suit your application, your budget, and your existing equipment.


We supply a range of top-quality cameras with a special emphasis on cameras for low-level fluorescence microscopy and high-speed acquisition.

Light Sources

Add-on light sources for your fluorescence microscope, including filter wheels and wavelength switchers.


All your filter needs - interference filters and dichroics and cubes.


We supply HCImage from Hamammatsu for high-performance acquisition and image analysis, especially in time-course studies.


Complete Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging systems

Chambers & Baths

Microscope chambers for recording and imaging; Chamber perfusion accessories & equipment; Temperature control

Microscope Incubators

Microscope incubators for live cell imaging - complete CO2 and temperature control, with Cage and Stage models for all common microscopes

Microscope Stages

Motorised microscope stages and Focus motors for microscopes


Motorised and Manual micromanipulators, plus Stands and supports for mounting micromanipulators

Air Tables

Air Tables and other anti-vibration solutions for microscopy & recording

X-ray Imaging

X-ray cameras and X-ray sources for biological, physical science and industrial applications

You may also be interested in the NanoZoomer - a self-contained complete digital microscopy system for fixed slides.

These pages are generally about life sciences imaging - if you have requirements in physics, astronomy or engineering, please don't hesitate to ask us.

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