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Filter Plate Accessories

Reservoirs and Storage/Collection Plates constructed of natural polypropylene are low binding, resistant to heat, chemicals and biological materials and robotic friendly with industry standard dimensions. Pyramid or V-bottom format is for maximum recovery. Plate Seals and Seal Strips for every format are available.

Filtration is generally done in a custom-designed Manifold Filtration System (see below) allowing both collection of the filtrates in a Filter Bottom Plate and retention of the particulates on the membrane. Optionally, low-speed centrifugation in microplate baskets may be used instead of vacuum filtration. Both the filtrates and the retentates are recovered at high recoveries and with high well-to-well reproducibility for further analysis.

A complete system includes Filter Plate, Storage/Collection Plate, Lid and Vacuum Manifold (see below).


  • Collect into 2 ml storage plates
  • Spacer included to collect into SBS standard microplates
  • Robot compatible
  • Cross talk prevention due to minimal distance between filter plate and collection plate
  • Compatible with most filter plates
  • Touch free start up


  • Combinatorial chemistry cleavage
  • Final filtration for SPE
  • High throughput screening preparation
  • Sample preparation
  • DNA purification
  • Receptor binding assays
  • Plasmid lysate cleaning

Filter Plate Reservoirs - Ordering Information

Catalog No. Description Quantity
BS4 74-5561 96 Well, Pyramid Bottom 5
BS4 74-5562 384 Well, Low Profile, Pyramid Bottom 5
BS4 74-5563 12 Partitioned, Pyramid Bottom 5
BS4 74-5564 8 Row, Partitioned, Pyramid Bottom 5

Filter Plate Storage/Collection Plates - Ordering Information

Catalog No. Description Quantity
BS4 74-5565 96 Well, 1.1 ml, Square Well, 'V' Bottom 5
BS4 74-5566 96 Well, 2 ml, Square Well, Pyramid Bottom 5
BS4 74-5567 48 well, 5 ml, Rectangle Well, Pyramid Bottom 5
BS4 74-5568 384 Well, 35 µl, Square Well, Conical Bottom 10

Filter Plate Lids & Seals - Ordering Information

Catalog No. Description Quantity
BS4 74-5569 Universal Lid, Polystyrene, Clear 10
BS4 74-5570 96 Well, Pierceable Plate Seal for 2 ml Storage Plate 10
BS4 74-5571 96 Well, Solid Plate Seal for 2 ml Storage Plate 10



Manifold Filtration System

The Manifold Filtration System fits all standard filter plates, collects into any storage plate and is adaptable for robot handling. The Manifold System is for adjustable vacuum and easy access to filtrate and comes with easy to remove seals.

Manifold Filtration System - Ordering Information

Catalog No. Description Quantity
BS4 74-5572 Manifold Filtration System, Aluminium + Delrin 1

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