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Filtration Plates

Harvard Apparatus new 96-Well and 384-Well Filter Plates bring speed and high throughput to sample filtration on a microliter to milliliter scale. The membrane- bottom individual sample wells or chambers have separate high-strength single or dual filter membranes to provide rapid filtration rates and to eliminate leakage or cross-talk between adjacent wells.

All Filter Plates feature rigid polypropylene construction for chemical resistance and low binding and meet SBS footprint for use in robotic systems. Standard filter media include: glass fiber, PVDF polypropylene, polyethylene and polyether sulfone. Patent pending sealing process guarantees no well-to-well cross talk and weeping and allows superior recovery performance.

96-Well Ultra-Filtration Plates with 6.24mm well size and 19.35 sq mm filter area are good for size exclusion, to concentrate, purify and desalt proteins, peptides, oligos, DNA and RNA and also to recover proteins, oligos and RNA from polyacrylamide gels. Plates comply with industry standard for automation and are available with 10,000 and 30,000 MWCO membranes.

96-Well 2 ml Filter Plates with 8.23 mm well size come with Polypropylene membrane for organic synthesis and with UHMW Polyethylene membrane good for solid phase extraction.

Distinctively constructed 384-Well Filter Plates have short drip directors, square to round wells for maximum working volumes and variety of filtration media and can also be used robotically as well as for vacuum or centrifuge filtrations. Application specific Filter Plates and Filtration Devices to the Biopharmaceutical industry can be custom ordered. Other package sizes and bar-coding are available.


  • High recoveries of both filtrates and particulate retentates
  • Multi-well format for simultaneous filtration of 96 or 384 different samples
  • Individual filter membranes to avoid cross-talk between adjacent wells
  • High well-to-well reproducibility
  • Membrane pore sizes of 0.45 - 25 µm (other pore sizes available on request)
  • Suitable for vacuum manifold filtration or centrifugal filtration


  • Nucleic Acid Binding
  • DNA Binding
  • DNA/RNA Purification
  • Purification of PCR Products
  • High-Throughput Preparation of YAC DNA
  • High-Throughput Synthesis of Drugs
  • Bead/Resin Based Assays
  • Cell-Based Receptor Binding Assays
  • Size exclusion
  • Concentrate, purify and desalt proteins, peptides, oligos, DNA and RNA
  • Recover proteins, oligos and RNA from polyacrylamide gels
  • Filtration and Filtrate Collection

How to use 96-Well or 384-Well Filter Plate

  1. Fill the wells of Filter Plate with the samples.
  2. Place a Filter Storage/Collection Plate inside the Manifold Filtration unit and then insert the filled Filter Plate.
  3. Apply vacuum to collect the filtrates in the Storage Plate wells.
  4. Remove the filtrates and/or re-suspend. Recover the retentate from the membranes for further analysis. Or use collected filtrate in appropriate applications.

Filter Plates - Ordering Information

For reservoirs, vacuum manifold and other accessories, please see the next page.

Catalog No. Description Quantity
BS4 74-5551 96-Well, Ultra Filtration, PES membrane, 10K MWCO 5
BS4 74-5552 96-Well, Ultra Filtration, PES membrane, 30K MWCO 5
BS4 74-5553 96-Well, 300 µl, GF 1.2 µm, Short drip 10
BS4 74-5554 96-Well, 300 µl, Hydrophilic PVDF 0.45 µm, Short drip 10
BS4 74-5555 96-Well, 400 µl, Hydrophilic PVDF 0.45 µm, Long drip 5
BS4 74-5556 96-Well, 800 µl, Hydrophilic PVDF 0.45 µm, Long drip 5
BS4 74-5557 96-Well, 2 ml, PP 0.45 µm, Long drip 5
BS4 74-5558 96-Well, 2 ml, UHMW PE 25 µm, Long drip 5
BS4 74-5559 48-Well, 5 ml, PE frit 25 µm, Long drip, 5
BS4 74-5560 384-Well, 35 µl, 0.45 µm, Short drip 5

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