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Reusable Equilibrium Dialysers

MicroEquilibrium Dialyzer, for volumes of 10 µl to 10 ml


MicroEquilibrium DialyzerTM

The Micro-Equilibrium DIALYZER is a unique equilibrium dialysis chamber for small samples (25 to 500µl). Due to the small volume of the chamber, very small amounts of sample are required for protein binding assays. Two chambers of equivalent volume are joined together with a membrane between them, as shown. When dialysis is complete the chambers can be opened at each end to extract the sample for analysis. The entire system can also be placed in a thermostat for temperature-controlled dialysis.

The Micro-Equilibrium DIALYZER can also be used with three chambers instead of two. One of the main advantages of using this configuration is that the results can be obtained without waiting for equilibrium to be reached, thus reducing the assay time. This is achieved by placing the assay compound in the central chamber; the binding component in one of the terminal chambers and control buffer, containing neither component, in the remaining chamber. Comparing the concentration of the assay compound in the two terminal chambers will then yield information on the binding characteristics of the assay components.



Ordering Information - MicroEquilibrium Dialyzer (for membrane selection see Membranes)

2-Chamber System
Chamber volume µl 25 50 100 250 500
Total volume µl 50 100 250 500 1000
Qty of 1 BS4 74-1606 BS4 74-1607 BS4 74-1608 BS4 74-1609 BS4 74-1610
Qty of 5 BS4 74-1600 BS4 74-1601 BS4 74-1602 BS4 74-1603 BS4 74-1604
Additional (add-on) Chambers for 3-chamber system
Chamber volume µl 25 50 100 250 500
Qty of 1 BS4 74-1619 BS4 74-1611 BS4 74-1612 BS4 74-1613 BS4 74-1614
Qty of 5 BS4 74-1620 BS4 74-1615 BS4 74-1616 BS4 74-1617 BS4 74-1618

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