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Dialyser Accessories


Sample concentration is easy with the Harvard Apparatus Concentrator.

Simply place any Dialyzer, complete with membrane, into the Harvard Apparatus Concentrator. The liquid is evaporated through the membrane and removed by the concentrator. When concentration is complete simply puncture the membrane and remove your sample. This technique is superior to other concentration methods, such as centrifugation, in which the sample may stick to the membrane surface or burst through the membrane.

Catalog No. Description Quantity
BS4 74-1112 Concentrator 1


Membrane Minder

The Membrane Minder is an ingenious device designed for the safe and easy movement and manipulation of delicate membranes.

The Membrane Minder is also ideal for use with filters, gel pieces, small tissue samples and other small parts. The Membrane Minder utilizes a vacuum to gently manipulate small objects at the push of a button. A range of suction cups and vacuum needles are supplied with the Membrane Minder to ensure the right tool is available, whatever the application.

Catalog No. Description Quantity
BS4 74-0109 Membrane Minder 1

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