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Data Acquisition Systems

BIOPAC MP160 Data Acquisition System

BIOPAC MP160 Data Acquisition Systems

The BIOPAC MP160 system is a flexible, proven modular data acquisition & analysis system for life science research.

  • 16 channel system
  • Includes AcqKnowledge software with specialized analysis capabilities
  • Applicable to over 40 research fields
  • Highly versatile & high performance, yet easy to set up and use
  • Modular system allows expansion as and when you need it
  • Additional amplifiers click on to the basic system when required
  • Electrically isolated for safe human measurement
  • Large range of amplifier modules:
    • Bioimpedance (eg. respiratory, cardiac output)
    • Biopotential (ECG, EEG, EGG, EMG, EOG, EVR)
    • Gas Analysis (CO2, O2)
    • Interface (isolation)
    • Laser Doppler blood flow
    • Microelectrodes
    • Micropressure measurement
    • Non-invasive blood presssure (NIBP)
    • Temperature
    • Transducer amplifiers (GSR, Oximetry, PPG, Respiration, general purpose)

BIOPAC MP36R Data Acquisition Systems

The BIOPAC MP36R system is an economical 4-channel system with integrated universal amplifiers.

  • 4 channel system with integrated universal amplifiers
  • Includes AcqKnowledge software with specialized analysis capabilities
  • Wide range of specialised transducers
  • Highly versatile & high performance, yet easy to set up and use
  • Electrically isolated for safe human measurement
BIOPAC MP36R Data Acquisition System

BioNomadix Wireless Wearable Physiology

The BioNomadix system of wearable wireless devices delivers the freedom to discover the data the researcher desires, in the environment and at the scale of the researcher’s choosing.

  • Providesa full line of physiological signals
    • ECG
    • EEG
    • EMG
    • EOG
    • EGG
    • EDA
    • Pulse
    • Respiration
    • Temperature
    • Cardiac Output
    • Heel & Toe Strike
    • Clench Force
    • Accelerometer
    • Goniometer
  • Modules interface with the MP160 data acquisition and analysis platform and AcqKnowledge software for a complete, wireless in-lab solution
  • Optional new BioNomadix Logger allows participants to wear BioNomadix devices and live their lives while it records the data that your research demands


Mobita: 32 Channels of Biopotential Data in the Palm of Your Hand.

  • Wearable physiological signal amplifier system
  • 32 channels of high-fidelity wireless biopotential data
  • Telemeter data back to a computer running AcqKnowledge for real-time display and analysis of the signals
  • Or record data locally for later download
  • Can be configured to record 32 channels of EEG, or any combination of EEG, ECG, EOG, EMG, and EGG
BIOPAC Mobita System
Biopac B-Alert system

B-Alert System

The B-Alert X10 System offers acquisition of high fidelity wireless EEG plus ECG, and AcqKnowledge adds powerful analysis tools, including automated scoring and reporting options.

  • Simple, Portable, Accurate, Wireless Acquisition of EEG & ECG
  • Set up in less than 5 minutes
  • Ultra-low profile and comfortable fit allow for 8+ hour recording sessions
  • Seamless integration into scenario-specific headgear
  • Easy integration with stimulus presentation systems


Bioharness: Lightweight, Portable Data Logger and Telemetry System

BioHarness with AcqKnowledge software is a state-of-the-art lightweight portable biological data logger and telemetry system. It monitors, analyzes and records a variety of physiological parameters including ECG, respiration, posture, and acceleration.

BioHarness applications include physiology, psychology, psychophysiology, exercise physiology, ergonomics, human factors, and more.

Team systems are available for simultaneously capture of comprehensive physiological and biomechanical data from 10, 30, even 50 or more active subjects in real-word situations.




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