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Application Notes

Some SDR application notes that may help ...

For some more useful application notes for physiology, see ...

Warner Instrument's Whitepapers Helpful information on chambers, lipid bilayers, agar bridges and electrodes, plus some links to patch recording tutorials.
Sutter Technical Support Files Common concerns with P-87/97 pullers and their solutions: altering programs, changing filaments, other maintenance. Note the Pipette Cookbook.
BIOPAC's Application Notes How to use BIOPAC data acquistion in various circumstances, with some comments of general utility (eg. on signal analysis).

For microscopy and fluorescence microscopy, see ...

Molecular Expressions Website A large amount of useful, interesting and just plain fascinating information on microscopy - a good starting place for your honours and graduate students.
Hamamatsu Learning Center A useful collection of notes on the technology of modern CCD and CMOS cameras, plus some tutorials on imaging issues such as noise and resolution.

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