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We distribute in Australia and New Zealand (in most cases) for the following manufacturers. These are links to their own websites (opening in a new browser window).

Please note that our very brief descriptions may not adequately represent the full range of these manufacturers!

A-M SystemsElectrophysiology
Applied BiophysicsAutomated Cell Monitoring
BiopacData Acquisition Systems
BraintreeLab Research Products
BTXElectroporation Equipment
CMAMicrodialysis Systems
CedrusSimulus Presentation Software
DigitimerPhysiological Electronics
EicomElectrochemical Detection
FISOPressure sensing catheters
FluigentSmart Microfluidics
HamamatsuCCD Cameras & Photonic Measurement
HamamatsuNanoZoomer Digital Pathology
HamamatsuHCIMage Imaging Software
Harvard ApparatusEverything for Life Sciences
HokansonNon-invasive BP & Flow
Hugo SachsOrgan Systems & Electronics
ImpedimedBody Composition Analysis
IonoptixCalcium & Contractility
LumencorLight Engines
MarzhauserMicromanipulators & Stages
Molecular DevicesNeuroscience (Axon CNS)
MoorLaser Doppler
MuromachiMicrowave Fixation
NoldusBehavioural Observation & Recording
OkolabMicroscope Incubators
Omega OpticalOptical Filters
PanlabNIBP & Behavioural
PhysitempTemperature Measurement
PlexonNeurotechnology Systems
Quest ScientificNoise Cancellation
Rapp OptoElectronic   Photometry & Photolysis
RedShirtImagingUltra-Fast Imaging
Saint GobainTygon and other tubing
Sable SystemsMetabolic & Activity Measurement
Siskiyou CorporationHardware for Microscopy & Photonics
SmartEyeEye & Gaze Tracking
Starr Life SciencesMouseOx - pulse oximeter for mice
SutterPullers & Manipulators
ThorlabsImaging Systems
T&T ScientificLiposome Technology
TMCAnti-vibration Tables
WarnerElectrophysiology & Microscopy

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